The last one-plus sentence meme around here was on the theme of "porn adventures or dish-washing adventures: I decide!" ...and the results are finally in!

for [ profile] vagbond_sal: Batman and Kyle Rayner

They're the only two left after the JLA meeting, and Kyle says, "I knew it!" and, "I *told* you that you could walk around naked under the cape. No one noticed. *Superman* didn't notice. Clark, I mean, Clark. Didn't even look at you twice." Kyle's gaze drifts down for a moment. "No one but me. And now--"

"And now," Batman's voice rumbles against his ear, "you talk too much." And he pulls Kyle under the cape.

for [ profile] ysabel: Agatha Heterodyne and Capt. Jack Harkness

"Yes," Jack gasps on awakening. "Still immortal. And, by the way, I didn't tell you that as a challenge." Jack yanks out the long, thick plastic piece that had materialized half into his ribcage. He runs a thumb down the side of it, tracing over raised ovals. They bring to mind his collection of hollowed Tyk'an beetle shells - naturally ribbed for your pleasure.

Jack flicks his eyes consideringly between it and the grinning blonde girl with her hand on the death machine. "But you seem like an intelligent individual," Jack purrs at her. "I'm sure that, between us, we could think of a better use for this...."

for [ profile] droolfangrrl: The Washington Monument and The Lincoln Memorial

Things had gotten a bit weird since that passing comet brought the presidents from Mount Rushmore to life, but giant stone Lincoln still earned stares as he scrubbed bits of roasted granite from the uprooted Washington Monument, remnants of its duty as skewer from last weekend's giant stone barbeque party.

for [ profile] gdaybloke: Beta Ray Bill and the Harbinger of Menoth

Now: Beta Ray Bill does a double take at the foe who steps before him... in memory, ages old, galaxies away: Beta Ray Bill doing a double take at the strange looking new hire who hovers beside him at the fast food joint's sink, offering her a, "Times hard all around," and getting no answer.

for [ profile] count_fenring: Aziraphale and Hellboy.

Hellboy's skin is smooth and cool under Aziraphale's fingertips. It surprises Aziraphale anew with every touch, sense memory overridden by baser expectation. No cure but to touch him again and again, to feel the soft press of mortal flesh in the bed beside him and will himself to remember. To listen to Hellboy's soft, deep sighs and hear only a good man momentarily sated, nothing in his breath of prophesy written into the making of the Earth.

Hellboy snorts once and twists closer, his cock sliding across Aziraphale's thigh. He runs his more delicate hand lightly through the white feathers of Aziraphale's wing. Aziraphale watches his expression slowly flatten as confused guilt builds, visible to an angel's sight as the crown of flame branded indelibly over his soul. "This is it, isn't it?" Hellboy rumbles thoughtfully. "This is how I destroy this world."

"Maybe," Aziraphale says. Hellboy twitches at that, tries to pull himself away, but Aziraphale holds strong. Aziraphale kisses his cheekbone - cool, with stubble rough against his tongue - and slides his lips back, as though he would whisper secrets in Hellboy's ear. "Or maybe this is how I stop you."

for [ profile] caia_comica: Amanda Waller and Vril Dox II

Ben Turner passed the dish across to the, well, *alien*, Ben told himself, but he *looked* like a skinny white guy with more hairspray than fashion sense. The whatever-he-was took the hand off and wiped morosely at the bowl (sauce boat? giant spoon? bedpan?) with something that looked like, and worked like, and possibly even *was* a towel.

Ben grabbed a new plate (or cutting board, or saucer) from the soapy water and rinsed it, taking a glance at where Amanda Waller and a much more convincing alien were discussing something in harsh whispers. They gestured several times at a diagram sketched beside them in spilled flour, and Ben watched Waller add new lines with a few sharp gestures.

He gave over the (shovel?) plate to be dried. "I think I liked it better when they were screaming about whose fault it was no one had money for dinner. When the Wall gets quiet like this..." Ben took another glance; and now Waller was *grinning.* He passed what he hoped was a vegetable peeler. "At least we're not going to be here long."

"No," sighed the alien. He shook his head slightly, a vertical foot and a half of hair swaying like reeds in a wind. "I knew it wouldn't last."

Ben gave him a surprised look and a fork.

"No one's shooting at me," he explained. "No one's playing mind games. Nothing's trying to tear my brain apart from the inside." He placed the fork on the counter with an unhappy clink. "This is the best assignment Dox ever gave me."
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