I drank way too much coffee this morning. I suppose this is a good thing, as I made it through my exam without falling asleep, but it completely disrupted my plans to celebrate by collapsing in bed until about tomorrow.

So, instead of a nap, a Drabble With Names In. Sandman, on account of I told myself that I had done quite enough in that fandom for awhile.

Goodly Gifts )

I'm sort of disappointed. I found this great line the other day, and I bookmarked it so I could come back and laugh at it properly when I had more time, and they went and changed it.

Oh, well. I shall laugh anyway.

The original line ran "We are thankful for the technology that brought us fluorescent fish,"

There was such a weird ring to that, like bordering some Pratchetty religious chant. I was entertained for hours afterwards by repeating it in my head in the stereotypical monkly monotone, substituting various nouns.

Can't you just see a group up near the History Monks and the Brothers of Cool, gathering together at the Holy Hour to chant things like "We are thankful for the god who brought us funny hats"?

Hmm. Could be just me then.

Anyway, someone else must have thought the same, because now it reads "We value the potential of the technology that brought us fluorescent fish," which doesn't have the same ring at all.


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