Does anyone else get really, really freaked out by dreaming? Not due to overwhelmingly freaky dreams or anything, but just on principle.

I think it's 'cause I don't have remember dreams more than a couple times a year, so coming into consciousness with visions of flying hippopotamuses* in my memory leaves me feeling like maybe I was on drugs in the recent past. The impulses in my visual cortex? Those are supposed to be *reality*, thank you.

I can more or less deal with the dreams where I get up and close the window or something (More or *less*. I wake up and the window is *still open*, that cannot be right), but every once in a while I'll get a weird one and be unsettled for days. (The last time, I gave birth to a kid which, after spending most of the dream trying to give away, I accidently ate.

Listen, okay, there were burritos for lunch, and the kid was wrapped up in a blanket, and *mistakes were made.* And, anyway, it couldn't have been that filling, because I spent the rest of the time hanging out in the candy shop in my attic.)

Then, *this* morning, I woke out of one of those fannish dreams I've seen people talk about! Yes! Well, sort of. It was by way of being a crossover between Stargate: SG1 and [ profile] foreverdirt's LJ.

And it is pretty easy to guess where the SG1 came from - I've been involved in a passionate and true romance with this story for the past couple weeks (It is going great, you guys! We are having candlelit dinners together! We are picking out window treatments!) - but the [ profile] foreverdirt...

On the other hand, Katy, maybe you actually *do* hero worship an seventy-year-old Chinese ex-soccer star who is still pining after an alien symbiote she met as a young woman? It does seem like the sort of thing that could be true.


*This is meant as an example. Mostly they are along the lines of 'I woke up, and then I brushed my teeth, and then I woke up again and was shocked, shocked! to find I was still in bed'.


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