For reasons that you may be able to guess if you've heard me rant about their white, white future, I've taken a (metaphorical) brown crayon to an issue of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

So... is anyone interested in seeing it? I did it primarily for myself, so it's a little rough, but I have had enough I think it works as a proof of concept.
Recently, I was rereading the first trade of the Waid and Kitson version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and I was distracted (as I am wont) by how few CoC are in their vision. I wished I could have a book where the Legion was recast from a more inclusive future.

And then it occurred to me that, well, maybe I could. If I wanted it enough.

Cut for images and images and images. )

Notes )

ETA2: There are more exciting adventures in Issue Two, Issue Three, and a Coda.


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