[Sometimes I am sad that my Excalibur summaries were stuck from the internets. But I remembered I could fix that! This one originally posted on March 28, 2005.]

I... hesitate to use the word spoilers for this post, because although the comic came out less than a week ago, the whole of Excalibur v3 so far has been Claremont's attempt to resurrect the noble traditions of the silver age.

That is, a spoiler warning implies you'll be spoiled for something, which implies plot, which implies a logical sequence of events, and... I really don't want to give that impression. Anyway.

I'm. Too sexy for my hat. Too sexy for my shirt. So sexy it hurts. )

I debated adding the second page of this scene, because my sense of humour tends to degrade when I'm tired, and I was afraid I'd scar everybody with any bukkake jokes comments I might provide. But, you know, I'm sure the people reading this could have come up with better ones *anyway*.
[Originally posted March 28, 2005.]

One of the more surprising things about my last post here was that some people weren't prepared for the level of Charles/Erik domesticity. So I thought I'd put it in context.

Or out of context, as the case may very well be. )


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