odditycollector: Xmen AU with Angel tied to a stake while a hooded figure comes forward with a torch. They are wearing festive Santa hats (Happy Holidays!)
( Dec. 25th, 2009 01:58 am)
I have only read two yuletide stories, the one for me (Polly and the Pirates) and the one I'd guessed (wrongly) was for me (Spin State), and they are both excellent, and. And I dunno how I am going to be able to read any more stories ever again without remembering wistfully this feeling. Or at least ever again until I get some sleep. There is a Christmas morning I will have to entertain, eventually.
This is advice I will give you as a friend! If you intend to watch the Doctor Who special TPTB have graciously bestowed upon us this Christmas Day, just make sure there is another fan in the room with you. Because you will spend that hour making snarky comments at the screen, and it is less embarrassing if you can pretend you're actually talking to a person.

(Also, there's a chance your brain might melt from excess stupid, and this way there's someone left to call your emergency numbers.)


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