You know what I haven't talked about yet? Holiday fic!

For Yuletide, I got an absolutely wonderful Polly and the Pirates story. It's the story of how Polly's parents met, and I would recommend it even if you haven't read the mini-series, because it is a slightly AU historical romance between a Dandy and a Pirate Queen. If that doesn't pique your interest I don't even want to know you.*


I wrote Five Reasons, a Sarah Connor Chronicles story. It got a pretty good response! I was fairly panicked when I wrote it, but I can't really say I wish I'd started writing it earlier, because earlier I was busy writing another, much more boring yuletide story.

Plus, writing it helped me answer some questions in my mind, like how it is John Connor exists in the first place.

(And it is gen, because apparently the prize for writing an incest prompt for Yuletide is getting a *new* incest prompt the next time you sign up, and you guys, I am so okay with someone else winning this year.)

But I also signed up for [ profile] fandom_stocking! And I got presents!

[ profile] daegaer wrote me a cracky Good Omens snippet!

[ profile] lilacsigil wrote me a hilarious DCU/Sarah Jane Adventures story where Clyde meets Oracle! And totally prevents a lengthy crossover Event in Gotham. I can *tell*.

[ profile] enigel wrote Before and Again, a poetic, softly sad bit of Starbuck/Anders.

[ profile] trialia made me a Laura Roslin graphic out of the pretty, pretty colours of dreaming.

And then I got two Alan Scott fics! [ profile] wabbitseason wrote me Willpower, a brief retrospective on the fabulousness of my favourite Green Lantern over the decades.

And [ profile] isilweth wrote Golden Age Alan through the perspective of Doiby Dickles. Made me sad for Doiby, which is just about the first time that's been true.

Is that all? No! That is not all! Because also I made some stuff for [ profile] fandom_stocking! I didn't keep very good track of where I put it, though, so there might be some I'm forgetting.

Okay, so I made an mpreg macro comic! From Merlin, a show I am so familiar with I'd worried I'd been accidentally telling a story about random guest stars! Is it glorious or what? (For [ profile] auroraprimavera.)

And then! I wrote Sarah Jane Smith/Mr. Smith cybersex for [ profile] stunt_muppet. And it is PRETTY PORNY, as things I write go. And for those who haven't been watching the Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane is a human woman and Mr. Smith is a *giant computer*. And I am so amazing sometimes I amaze MYSELF.

A Kon and Tim snippet. (For [ profile] marag, who specifically asked for happy-fic only. Um. I'm sorry.)

Grey's Anatomy porns! Mark Sloan/Lexie Grey, for [ profile] evyllynn.

For [ profile] madripoor_rose, a Savannah Weaver scene that didn't quite fit into a longer Sarah Connor Chronicles WIP.

A Kirk/Sulu/Uhura haiku. YES. For [ profile] jain.

Or how about a Dick Grayson/Kara Zor-El/Koriand'r limerick? For [ profile] wiccabuffy.

A Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog haiku. For [ profile] recrudescence.
Plus some random 30 second macros. Breaking news, everyone: I crack myself up.
Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
Starbuck and Anders (BSG)
Parker (Leverage)
Beverly Crusher/Deanna Troi (Star Trek: TNG) This one was more of a 3 minute Photoshop, 'though if I did my job you can't tell.
A tribble.
Aziraphale and Crowley. (Good Omens)

I dunno either I may have been on CRACK.
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