For [personal profile] caiusmajor:

Comet the Super-Horse

at the furry con
they were uncomfortable
with my human suit

For [ profile] bluepard:

Vril Dox II

Now Vril Dox II is from Colu where they grow their people green
And Vril's been burned but boy he's earned his reputation mean
Much of his fame is from the name he inherited pre-tainted
And so to spite his own birthright he set out to be sainted

Then in his soul he set a goal of peace across the 'verse
But the peace he brings always makes things many magnitudes of worse
See, he viewed the ground that spins around each glowing gaseous ball
And Vril's decree was that he'd be the biggest bastard on it all

For [personal profile] wordsatourbacks:

John Connor

This is not the best of possible worlds
I have the math to show it
plotted by the P axis (where P is Potential, or Population, or Paradox)
and the time axis is a spiral
and my shaking pencil hand dips and dives a line graph
as we’re chased by glowing robot skeletons into
what was a school ground before it was a breeding ground
for things that eat bones
and my calculations are always immaculate

This is not the best of possible worlds
you arrived with a note I have written and addressed to myself
and I have not met you before
and the note says there is a cave
and in the cave there is a body
and the body is the woman I was meant to love
and that is why I am lonely

This is not the best of possible worlds
my mother sings as she sets me to sleep
my pillow surrounded by reaching green jungle vines
printed on children’s wallpaper
and she can’t remember the words
trailing off into humming
where there should be secrets
And the cicadas buzz outside my window
like static scratching
proof that we have used this minute before
and the tape is wearing thinner
and the resolution is no longer enough to contain our perfect moments
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