Unproductive, slightly tipsy, and feeling :( for no good reason. So! What I usually do in this situation! Meme! This one nicked from [livejournal.com profile] urban_anchorite most lately.

Make up a title for a story I didn't write, and I will respond with details of those non-written stories. You may, if you like, include details, such as pairings or fandom or whatnot.

Except you don't actually have to make up a title, if you'd rather just be like "The one where Amanda Waller captures the TARDIS" or whatever.
caiusmajor: DC Comics: Amanda Waller (Amanda)

From: [personal profile] caiusmajor

The One Where Amanda Waller and Comet the Super-Horse Live Happily Ever After!
caiusmajor: DC Comics: Amanda Waller (Amanda)

From: [personal profile] caiusmajor

Awww! At least there is hot sex. And the aliens get caught. :D
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From: [personal profile] petra

What was that Tiffany Aching mad/in a coma/back in time story called again?
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From: [personal profile] wordsatourbacks

I am so glad I stumbled on this upon backreading! I love love it all, esp.

With the car guy holding Gus's cell phone with Shawn and the police dpt. on call waiting (having them on conference call was just annoying for everyone).

For some reason this is cracking me up!
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From: [personal profile] thefourthvine

I really love that one story you didn't write. What was it called? Oh, yeah: Not Cool, Dude. So. Not. Cool. Tell me about that one, please!

From: [identity profile] kimberly-t.livejournal.com

I would love to hear the details of "The one where Amanda Waller captures the TARDIS"!

But if that can't be suggested because it was used as an example, then "the one where Ace the Bat-Hound Saves the World and Amanda Waller is Not Happy About It."

or "the one where Catwoman gives Supergirl some friendly advice."

From: [identity profile] odditycollector.livejournal.com

The problem is that "The one where Amanda Waller captures the TARDIS" was one of those one sentence fic meme things I do from time to time, and there's no *there* there. Punchline in which I try to imply a joke, you know the sort of thing.

"the one where Catwoman gives Supergirl some friendly advice." OTOH, is more of a joke without a punchline, and it is about Catwoman finding Supergirl compressing coal into alien computer diamonds, and then trying to get Supergirl to compress coal into the kind of diamonds she prefers!

Supergirl agrees immediately and makes her some, much to Selina's disappointment. There's no challenge there at *all*. And then the ending sort of peters out, because I decided I was more interested in what the alien computer crystals were about!

(As for the Ace the Bathound one, have you seen [livejournal.com profile] brown_betty's Amanda Waller meets the my little ponies snippet (http://brown-betty.livejournal.com/371546.html?thread=4078426#t4078426)? Until the magic talking dog serum wears off, it is something like that.)

From: [identity profile] the_willow.insanejournal.com

Midnight's Dark Apple

Amanda Waller, Nightwing; Batverse



The one where Dick Grayson realizes he's more queer than a 3 dollar bill and a two dicked swan.

From: [identity profile] odditycollector.insanejournal.com

Are these the same story? Will go with yes, although of course it is not anything like Amanda Waller turned him off the ladies, thank you.


[Um. Thinking about it, my answer is pretty full of references to porn, which iirc you could live without? If you'd prefer a gen answer let me know, I'd be more than happy to write a new scenario with these people!]

From: [identity profile] the_willow.insanejournal.com

2 different stories. One named; Midnight's Dark Apple. The other named; Oh.

For Nightwing and porn erotica... it would depend on the pairing, I guess. I'm not a Nightwing /Speedy fan. Nightwing / Cyborg could be interesting 'vibrating dick!' Oh the puns! I'm not porn, I'm erotica; implied stuff, innuendo, humour, sensuality. Dick positions and dirty words used outside an occasional dirty talk reference- I just kind of... Y'know, instead of giving you a whole 'Treatise of Willow & Fictional Sex'; maybe I should just shut up and say Gen.

PS: Stubborness says to say that I don't enjoy references to the PIC (Porno Industrial Complex), where there's a focus on degradation and shock. To the point when even people are trying to be sex positive, it feels more sex permissive with too many echoes, objectifying references, cliches and call-backs to heavily narrowed tropes for me to ignore. Just so you know.

From: [identity profile] odditycollector.insanejournal.com

Hahaha I was working under the assumption of "Amanda Waller/Nightwing story ==> in which Dick figures out he is queer". So I guess it's a good thing I asked for clarification.

From: [identity profile] odditycollector.insanejournal.com

Midnight's Dark Apple

Amanda and Dick do work within the same sphere once in a while, when we are in a continuity where Nightwing is a member of the Outsiders. Amanda calls in a favour when she catches sight of a Supervillain, and she and Dick end up chasing him down. Well, mostly Dick chases him down, although she helps ride herd.

Once he's safely ensconced, Amanda and Dick end up having early breakfast in one of those cliche American greasy dinners, which is a type of food both enjoy. You might wonder how Nightwing and Amanda Waller deal with small talk; they don't. Amanda quizzes him on how his long term world saving goals are working out, and when Dick turns the question back on her, Amanda goes >:)

The choice in title was because it's set in New York City, and I think I am funny! Except I ended up getting confused, because Metropolis is kind of a stand in for NYC, and also *Gotham* is kind of a stand in for NYC. So I was trying to be a bit meta, but I don't actually *know* anything about NYC so it fell flat all around.

I liked the conversation bits, though!

"Oh," otoh, is short and light on description. It's about the time Dick gives Tim a talk - complete with helpful slides! Tim likes slides, right? - on the subject of "It's okay to be gay!"

By the end of it, he's convinced *himself*.


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