I *keep* forgetting to post this here, which is embarrassing because this is where any interested parties would be following me (if they still are? hi?) but I am giving away a book!

It's a signed, illustrated copy of Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

Pictures and instructions at this post, and please note it is closing at the end of October. However, if you want to try, your odds of winning aren't bad at all! (See again: dash full of confused Homestuck fans.)

From: [identity profile] pickledginger.livejournal.com

Nice! Fun concept. And good to see you over here again. :)

(Me? Er, can't actually see all your images from here, and am still mid-move, so the idea of more objects is not so appealing as it otherwise might be, but.otherwise, would be very tempted.)


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