1. Kara Zor-El (Supergirl)
2. John Egbert (Homestuck)
3. Rose Lalonde (Homestuck)
4. Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)
5. Troy Barnes (Community)
6. The Old Spice Man (requires no introduction)
7. Karkat Vantas (Homestuck)
8. Hyacinthe Cohen (Spin State)
9. Benjamin Sisko (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)
10. Abed Nadir (Community)
11. a spankbot (DC Comics (if it is a Superman Spankbot))
12. Amanda Waller (DC Comics)
13. Alice Morgan (Luther)
14. Agatha Heterodyne (Girl Genius)
15. Cassandra Cain (DC Comics)

(Part One is here.)

[personal profile] dine

The Old Spice Man, a spankbot and Agatha Heterodyne go on a picnic - what do they bring to eat? )

Rose Lalonde, Karkat Vantas, Amanda Waller and Agatha Heterodyne are stranded on a desert island; how do they rescue themselves? )


[profile] count_fenring

Kara Zor-El, Amanda Waller, and Agatha Heterodyne are the among the last survivors of a nuclear war. How do they cope with their new life as scavengers amongst the wreckage of modernity? Do they find love for each other amongst the ruins, or do they complete the grim work of human self-annihilation that began when the bombs fell? )


[personal profile] bluepard

What do The Old Spice Man, Hyacinthe Cohen, and Rose Lalonde wear to a Halloween party? And if they refuse to pick their own outfits, what will Benjamin Sisko make them wear? )


[personal profile] brownbetty

Why do Rose Lalonde and The Old Spice Man have to impersonate each other? )

When Cassandra Cain goes on a roadtrip with Karkat Vantas and John Egbert, how long does it last, and what happens? )


[personal profile] milkshake_b

if John Egbert and Abed Nadir met years ago and had a one-night stand resulting in a baby, of Rose Lalonde, Troy Barnes, and Karkat Vantas, which would it be, and was John Egbert keeping the baby from Abed Nadir or was Abed Nadir keeping the baby from John Egbert, and what will Hy Cohen, John Egbert's long-time lover, think of all this? )

...to be continued.


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