I wrote this for tumblr's benefit, but since journal fandom is the one that appreciates the game...

The Character Roulette Meme was a tradition left behind in the fandom move to tumblr, and we are all missing out.

The rules of Character Roulette:

1. Make up a numbered list of 10 to 15 characters and keep it a secret for now.

2. Ask everyone to make up questions, in the form of:

"One forces Two and Seven to get married. Is it a happy marriage?"
"Five, Six and Twelve form a band! What do they call themselves? Are they any good?"
"Why *are* all the other numbers afraid of Seven?"

3. Stop taking questions, and then fill in the names from your list and answer accordingly.

4. Post results.

5. Hilarity ensues.

Hilarity and *really interesting* scenarios that neither you or the question asker would have thought up separately.

Why it is so much fun

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