For the record, I am not *unhappy* with the ending. Yes, we all called it, and no, I am not anything close to 100% sure there was a coherent plot in there, but if that was a deal breaker I'd have walked away a couple seasons ago.

(...Okay, I *am* miffed about the "Spaceships into the SUN" thing; if there was a point beyond no one being allowed shiny things if Adama lost his shiny things, I have no idea.)

And I get why the panoramic shots. They were necessary, after 4 seasons of cramped quarters and muted colours and jerky cameras. The problem came from trying to take the same wide view with the dimension of *time*. There were too many unanswered questions, and so the planet-side scenes did not feel like that moment of smooth coasting before the roller coaster came to a complete stop. There was still suspense - we were still *waiting* for one last dip and turn - and the ending went on so long it soured into impatience.

I know, I know, the show *tried*. It's just that -
A: God Did It.
- is not actually a satisfying solution to every mystery* ever. Or any of them, even.

And yes, [ profile] m_butterfly, you were right about the random Good Omens crossover**. ALTHOUGH. Maybe it is a Hitch-hiker's Guide crossover ALSO? Earth Mark 2 just got contaminated all to hell, you guys!

*I remain amazed that my Starbuck == Power Girl theory was never actually Jossed! Because I don't know about you, but "God Did It" is maybe an arguable explanation for visions and prophetic dreams, but they did not *hallucinate* Kara Thrace flying around and shooting things and setting coordinates into the computer.

**So that would make Hera what, then, Anti-christ version...4? 5? How many fallen civilizations *did* they list at the end?


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