Even my default icon is a shower. Wow.

Anyway, I took a round of gen shower prompts on tumblr, and I have a couple results that aren't homestuck related!

DS9: Kira and Sisko for [personal profile] hannah

Kira crosses her arms over her chest and scowls. “You’re the Emmisary to the Prophets,” she says. “I can’t believe they said you’re not *pure* enough.”

"We didn’t come here to meet with the Bajoran Prophets," Sisko says, not annoyed at all. His face is tilted into the deluge, and his mouth is a slight smile. *Starfleet.* He must be feeling smug with himself, the great Commander playing along with these quaint alien rituals.

Kira collects a handful of the water falling from the ceiling. She sniffs it suspiciously: a light and tangy sweetness, the extract of a native fruit or a flower. She scrubs it through her hair. “There,” she announces, to Sisko and whoever else is listening. “I’m Cleansed. Keeping us in here for an hour is a waste of everyone’s time.”

"Major." Sisko tilts his head down to consider her. "When was the last time you had a shower?"

"I—" Kira starts, offended, but Sisko holds up a hand.

"A real shower, Major. Not a sonic scrubber or a holodeck program. A shower with clean, hot water that you can stand under for as long as you want. It couldn’t have been while you were on the station."

By the time she’s thought of an answer, Sisko has turned his face back to the ceiling. “The Aleopi never let visitors inside without completing the full Purification. My suggestion is to enjoy yourself.”

Girl Genius: Gil and Tarvek for an anon

Queen Albia may have her eyes in the skies over England — literal eyes, flappy winged laser-gun seeing orbs — but no one can control the sea! The sea is filled with unspeakable horrors that even the most gifted of sparks have never survived studying closely.

Such creatures make it impossible for House Wulfenbach to maintain surveillance under the English Channel, but Queen Albia must fare no better. Thus. She could not expect them to advance from the water, and that will only be her FIRST error.

Gil has engineered a rescue plan so perfect it is a clockwork engine laid out in front of him. Every event over the next two days will be predefined by cogwheels moving together in quartz precision, and HE is the one holding the wrench! And also the kit of more metaphorically appropriate clockmaking tools.

Her Undying Majesty thinks she has secured her hostages, but he will SHOW HER. He will SHOW THEM ALL!

"Aha!" Gil says, as a sharktopus skitters out of the way of their view screen. "AhahahaHAHAHAHAHA!"

His hands grip the submersible’s controls, and his face reflected in the screen is shining with excitement. A beat in his shoulder pulses in time with the engine’s thrumming. “HA!” Gil says, and the beat in his shoulder grows harder.

It slaps him in the face.

Having his focus shaken is always a disorientation, but his childhood has trained him to recover quickly. Still, Gil shouts “What is it?!” at Tavrek as the world rushes out from tunnel vision.

Tarvek points up. Water drips from the submersible’s ceiling. Gil’s face isn’t shining, it’s wet.

"I just wanted to mention what a fantastic job you did on the seals," Tarvek says.

"I didn’t do the seals," says Gil. "I did the engines. You worked on the seals."

"No," says Tarvek. "I built the death rays. *You* finished the seals."

They stare at each other, waiting for the observed facts to resolve themselves into a usable hypothesis re. the state of the world. The flow of water increases, flattening hair to head and making one of the gurgling boxes in the corner start crying.

In the viewscreen, the sharktopus has returned — although it has apparently doubled in size and grown an extra mouth with extra large teeth.

"Uh," Gil says.

"Oh," Tarvek agrees.

Gil snatches the voicepipe to the engine room. “Back!” he shouts into the tube. “We’re turning back home, right now!”

....And actually, since I am at it, here are some 3 sentence(ish) breakups:

Girl Genius: Axel Higgs/Zeetha for [personal profile] hannah

You can go home again.

Of course you can; anyone claiming otherwise has a bewildering lack of faith in the mysterious workings of Science.

Zeetha, Daughter of Chump, knows that she’ll miss the friends (and more) she made on her long journey, but hey! she missed everyone back in Skifander and it didn’t slow her down in any fatal (to Zeetha) way. There’ve been adventures waiting for her here, too, and these ones are her own.

Comics: Clark/Diana for [personal profile] philippos42

i don’t read the comics anymore so here’s the take on Wonder Woman/Clark Kent I’m working from (ie, the one i made up):

1. 2.

She was not wrong, Clark knows, as he watches his beloved wash the blood from her hands. She rinses her cloth in the warm marble basin, and red spreads through the water like thin ink.

Many more people will live than have died today.

He understands. And that understanding leaves him nauseous, dizzy, lost, the way the Earth spiraling out from beneath his feet never has.

Also. *Would* anyone be interested in me collecting homestuck prompt meme ficlets over here? I have done a large amount of them, but I assume everyone who has signed up for this journal back when it was more active is... not really.

From: [personal profile] philippos42

Wait, did I actually ask for this? And how many hours had I been awake when I did?

I must have been feeling kind of snarky or something. What did I expect?

But natural!Wondy and longhair!Supes are things to like.

From: [personal profile] philippos42

That explains a disturbing amount of my 'net activity.
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From: [personal profile] metaphortunate

Not at all active, really. I would love links! Are you odditycollector on Tumblr?


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