Well, crazy hard exam the first is over, which is good in the sense that I think I passed and now don't have to worry about that course ever again (until next term, when it'll be taken for expected knowledge), and not good in the sense that I've got two other crazy hard exams this week, and they're closer.

So expect me to be pretty much gone for the next two weeks, and then suddenly bounce back with a whole lot of unrelated gibberish I've been saving up until then. There'll probably be a few days of posts along the lines of "Squee! I finally managed to see Die Another Day for, erhm, research purposes and all and OMG, Mel, you're right, they're soinloove! And Yune is so very very hot, and you have to grin evilly at the thought of SN2 type reactions between them, if you know what I mean!!11!" And absolutely no one will know what I mean (although this may be for the best).

They met each other's gaze across the crowded hall, and time seemed to slow for them, I shall write, as though they were travelling at a constant velocity of .8c relative to an observer stationed in the frame of the earth, with c given as the speed of light as measured in a vacuum. Or, Aziraphale reached for the last doughnut with fingers like the pseudopodia of a hungry amoeba. Or, "I never knew it could be like this," Clark whispered. "It feels like, my whole life I've been bounded in a shallow state potential well, and I've finally tunnelled through."

This is actually quite fun. Much more fun than studying, anyway, which is my other option.

Also, I am somewhat shocked to see that a few people have recently friended me, without me having made them feel guilty for neglecting me first. Um, welcome. It's oddly validating to think that reading me state my mind makes other people feel better about the state of their minds.

From: [identity profile] odditycollector.livejournal.com

Okay, fine. You can have the randomness award.

Presents Dave with a teakettle filled with rubber chickens covered in playdough.

What? I never said it was a much coveted prize...

From: [identity profile] davek.livejournal.com

Yay! Sorry about that though, I was listening to a song, I don't remember which one now, and someone in the background said "everybody loves dolemite", and it just stuck.

And it's much coveted to me, I'll stick it on my desk, next to the hello kitty button maker.

From: [identity profile] carmarthen.livejournal.com

*giggles madly*

All SN2 means to be is, um, something to do with tin. I'm probably wrong. Man, I miss chem.

Anyhow, they aresoinlove and he is and you should write fic! Come on, it's a Fandom of Two! Make it a Fandom of Three! (I guess you technically did with your funny snippet, but you know you want to write moooore...).

Science metaphors for lurve are teh grate.

From: [identity profile] odditycollector.livejournal.com


So not exactly a metaphor for love so much, no...

From: [identity profile] odditycollector.livejournal.com

It's a common bimolecular substitution in organ chem, known as the "backside attack" reaction. Yes. Really it is.

Don't they teach these things in schools nowadays? Sighs loudly. The things kids are picking up off the internet... never caught *me* knowing about organowhatsits...

Sorry. Channeling someone in particular for a moment there. (Ask me on Saturday why it's funny that it goes slowly in alcohol.)

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As entertaining as that was reading geeky fiction makes me feel dirty and I don't know why. However it reminded me that I haven't done any real work this week and I have multiple particularly difficult exams to do next term. And now I feel guilty. I bet you did that on purpose.



From: [identity profile] odditycollector.livejournal.com


I have multiple particularly difficult exams I haven't studied for tomorrow. I'm not exactly one to inspire studiousness in other people.

Although you can use me as a catioutionary tale if you like, I suppose...

OH! There once was a gal in Chemistry who was easily amused,
and she giggled through all her classes, but never did she choose...
to do any work until finally it came to exam day,
and she opened her books beside her, but just played on her LJ...

da da da...

Why am I always the only one singing?

From: [identity profile] thecakemaster.livejournal.com

I was going to make up a legit response to this one but then I saw...


... and forgot what I was going to say.

True story.


From: [identity profile] thecakemaster.livejournal.com

Actually I'm pretty sure it was something like "good luck on the exam!".

So... good luck on the exam!



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