This is kind of belated, but whatever!

I had quite a few problems with the New Krypton/War of the Supermen storyline from DC. This is regarding one of them.

We Are Not Alone in the Universe (or Zod Was Right)
Being an epilogue to the events of War of the Supermen.

Spoilers: for War of the Supermen, in case you were unsure on that point.
[ETA: very important, this is a scene made from re-dialogued comic art. The words, and only the words, are mine. I talk more about my intentions in this post.]

Content Notes: Falling Anvils. Exposition. And I think I am funny. Be advised. )

(You know what is a hard question to figure out the answer to? What is the rotation period of our galaxy. Fascinating, but not so's you can fit in a word bubble.)

All the artwork I used was taken from R.E.B.E.L.S. 17, because the universe apparently sensed my need and provided as best it could. I've also borrowed a couple lines without change. Credit goes to Sergio Arino (pencils), Scott Hanna (ink), and Tony Bedard (script).

Font is Letter-O-Matic.

And you know who deserves way for props than they traditionally get? Whoever draws the damn word balloons in comics. OH MY GOD. (Apparently there is a better way than whatever I did, but it made me want to say mean things to my computer trying to figure it out.)
As mentioned, I've been working on another issue of Everyone Makes It to the 31st Century, only it turns out I was more finished than I thought! Woo!

For those who missed it, here's the first issue. This one might make more sense if you've read it.

I hope you are okay with fisticuffs and explosions and snark and stuff? Because warning: this comic is rated Awesome. )

Notes )
(ETA: Issue Three. And coda.)
Maybe you were worried I was lying about a second issue of The Legion of Super-Heroes: Everyone Lives? I know I was!

But rumours suggest things are happening behind the scenes, and I get *all* the best press on what I am up to. So how about a snippet during the wait?

Warning: here there be asskicking. )

Coming soon eventually to a journal near you!
Recently, I was rereading the first trade of the Waid and Kitson version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and I was distracted (as I am wont) by how few CoC are in their vision. I wished I could have a book where the Legion was recast from a more inclusive future.

And then it occurred to me that, well, maybe I could. If I wanted it enough.

Link to LJ post.
Here are a couple "extra scenes" I made along with the Legion of Super-heroes pages of a couple days ago. Characters I was curious to see in the new universe, but didn't show up really in the first issue.

These are even less finished than the pages I posted yesterday, so I made them extra small in the hopes you will not notice too much. (And you'll have to ignore the cos-playing white kids in the backgrounds. I don't know *where* they wandered in from.)

Nura )

Irma )

Garth )

And I also did Brin, but I messed that up entirely and you are missing nothing.
Recently, I was rereading the first trade of the Waid and Kitson version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and I was distracted (as I am wont) by how few CoC are in their vision. I wished I could have a book where the Legion was recast from a more inclusive future.

And then it occurred to me that, well, maybe I could. If I wanted it enough.

Cut for images and images and images. )

Notes )

ETA2: There are more exciting adventures in Issue Two, Issue Three, and a Coda.
Thanks to [ profile] brown_betty and [ profile] vagabond_sal for auxiliary brain support!

A while ago, there was some back and forth blogging on whether or not fangirls were trying to "steal the sexy" from comics. This struck me as such an absurd image I decided it had to be immortalized. Forever. With poetry.


by odditycollector
special thanks to the internets,
special apologies to Doctor Seuss.


Every Fan
Down in Fan-ville
Liked Comics a lot...

But the Bitch,
Who lived just North of Fan-ville,
Did NOT! )

I'd like to dedicate this to those friends of mine who, looking out for their own my well-being, advised me not to post it. (Well, I say 'advised'. It seems more diplomatic than "NOOO KAREN NOOOOEESS!") They almost convinced me... but if Marvel gets to publish Adventures of the Spectacular Spider-sperm, I no longer shall be swayed by what should not exist in a sane world. After all, I live in this one. :D

So here's those Superhero monthlies!

With Contex, it Makes Sense. )

I really should know better, but I clicked on a link to the DC message boards, topic of the new Frank Miller cover.

In summary... this is why I’m going to stay way the hell over here okay thanks. However, one exchange did catch my attention and would not let me shake it as it might have a sane person.

[ profile] maelithil:
Depicting [women] as an ass, a pair of tits, some gorgeous thighs is doing them a disservice. Distilling them into nothing but their sexual attributes is objectifying. And that's exactly what this cover does.

Random Fanboy:
And notice that Superman's chest is OFTEN a whole panel unto itself. Not Superman fighting the bad guy. Not Superman standing full figure. Superman's chest. Just his chest. His huge, massive, S-draped, extraterrestrially muscular chest. Is Superman being objectified? Is he being used? Should I cry for Superman?

And. Just. What? This is the counterexample?

But! Maybe it’s not that his logic is just that scary. Maybe it's hard to understand what she’s talking about because it really, honestly is that there’s no comparable example featuring a male denizen of the DCU. I mean, even the occasional Nightwing crotch shot *tries* to have context.

Obviously, something had to be done. For The Good Of Fandom.

Luckily, much like Miller, I have no shame.

Totally Appropriate Covers (with bonus, never before seen script excerpts)! )
odditycollector: Connor Hawke has met the singing frog from Looney Tunes; it will not perform for Wally. This is published comics, guys. (DCU)
( Apr. 8th, 2006 10:09 pm)
Aka, why Karen has, Really, a Hard Time Taking the DCU Seriously.

Part of the blame for this should go to [ profile] caia_comica, who was all, "Post it!" and "No really! Post it!" and "You know what? You should post it!" and "Post!" and also helped me find someone for 'F.' Another part goes to Edward Gorey, who wrote the The Gashlycrumb Tinies first.


A is for Al who died of old age,
B is for Barry who ran off the page.

C is for Clark who met his doomsday,
D for Diana turned back into clay.

E is for Eobard who died in his past,
F is for Ferrin whose suit didn’t last.

G is for Guardians, all perished but one,
H is for Hal who flew into the sun.

I is for Indigo programmed subpar,
J is for Jason felled by a crowbar.

K is for Kiliwog killed by a student,
L is for Linda whose death was thought prudent.

M is for Max, neck snapped for his trouble,
N is for Nura now crushed under rubble.

O is for Ollie who died in a plane,
P is for Pamela; we’ll see her again.

Q is for Quarzz who gave all he was able,
R is for Roy, heart stopped on the table.

S is for Sue with villains on the brain,
T is for Ted with a hole in the same.

U is for Unity who claimed her birthright,
V is for Vesper shot dead in the night.

W is for Wesley who fell a long way,
X is for Xax hit with a yellow ray.

Y is for Yoska in explosion buried,
Z is for Zod with deaths many and varied!

When the latest version of Supergirl debuted, a good deal of fandom recoiled in horror. What could they possibly have been basing their character designs off of? it was asked. She doesn't even look *human.* And who would wear stuff like that, anyway?

And, well. I'm not saying I *dis*agree. )

To think I was worried about finding reasons to use the new statistics
All the cool kids write up their reactions after reading. I thought I'd give it a try, but, um. I don't think I quite managed. I wasn't really sure what my opinion on JSA 77 was, so I did it by bits instead.

*claims exhaustion*

All Star Batman and Robin - I don't have any comments on this one, because I took one look at the cover and ran away, frightened.

Now it might have been that I just kept running and never came back to the comic store at all, except that my escape route led me by the cover of JSA 77, from which Alan Scott is glaring out like somebody else’s disturbingly hot, colour-blind grandfather. Seriously, yay. If anyone ever manages to convince Alex Ross to redraw this panel for me, I will have everything I’ll ever need out of my fannish career.

There are two confusing things about the cover. The first is that Ross choose to replace the purple cape with a black one. Sure, I admit that it does take a certain man to pull off the cracked out Christmas ornament ensemble, but Alan Scott has long proven himself to be that man.

The second is that the cover tells us that it’s a Day of Vengeance tie-in in big bold letters, but if you actually manage to stop drooling over the cover and read the book, you’ll notice it’s really not.

Anyway. Karen goes on to mock everyone in JSA 77 who is not Alan Scott. And him, too. )

Next time, JSA: Classified, Birds of Prey and Runaways! Or not.

Probably not, I think.
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( Sep. 1st, 2005 03:08 pm)
Last week, DC Comics put out Batman 644, the conclusion of the War Crimes storyline. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. )
So, everyone was crying foul this week about Batman 644. I hadn't been following the storyline at all, but I was a little bit a masochist curious, so I read though it this evening.

And? It wasn't nearly as bad as it was made out to be.

Spoiler cut, and also the offending pages, for anyone without access to my brain... or at least my Photoshop. )

Honestly. To listen to the outcry, you'd think you guys all read a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT comic or something. Geez.

ETA: If you've found this post from outside of Livejournal and have an opinion on it, that's fine, but please make sure you reply to the post itself and not to the comments beneath it. Livejournal works a little bit differently than most messageboards, and if you reply to a comment you're replying directly to the person who made *that* comment, not to me.


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