This was written for [ profile] lady_erin in [ profile] fandom_stocking.

Title: Revolution
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Erik Lehnsherr, mention of Charles Xavier, Billy Kaplan, and Wanda Maximoff
Pairings: Acknowledgment of Billy/Teddy and past Erik/Charles
Rating: G
Words: 600
Summary: Erik feels sometimes like there's nothing left of him but memories, tied together with will and metal.

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odditycollector: Man in bowler hat and suit holding a sword up, in front of him we see only clouds. Text: The War (Sword - by vagabond_sal)
( Oct. 15th, 2005 03:50 pm)
I was looking through my random jumble of paper for a notebook (which I still haven't found, oh woe) and I came across this snippet. I can't for the life of me remember what it was attached to, but it almost stands alone.

An orphan bit of Charles/Erik. )
And for today's scheduled silly thing... a fanfic Neil Gaiman wrote first!

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So, that first line game was fun. And I learned that I *can*, actually, write really short things (as opposed to the moderately short things I usually write). Also, I might have learned that am something of a fandom whore, if I didn't know it already.

Here are first line drabble things I've written...

For Penknife: 'Erik looked out over the sea of tents.' )

For lovelyzelda: 'As he drove towards Soho, Crowley didn't bother to avoid the glassy eyed pedestrians who idiotically wandered into the street.' )

For louiselux: 'The water, when it came, was cold.' )

For daegaer: 'And there was war in Heaven.' )

For musesfool: 'He has many names, none of them his.' )

And, if that isn't enough, I played [ profile] louiselux's game and put together some ficlets made *entirely* of first lines.

From louiselux's lines. )

From daegaer's lines. )
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( Feb. 10th, 2004 01:52 am)
I was bored tonight, so I decided to write songfic do another one of those x-men drabble things that make people wonder if I was dropped on the head as a child. Only it ended up being a bit long.
If you haven't yet run away... )
I've written another drabble. There was a vaguely coherent motive for this, but by the time I'd done the drabble I'd forgotten it.

X-men again, despite the icon. This really won't make sense unless you've seen X2. It's about all I can hope for that it'll make sense if you have.

Becuase there are happy endings, for some.

Lie to Me )
I really wanted to say something incisive and relevant and memorable, but I couldn't think of anything. (Except, perhaps, for 'It shouldn't have been blue to begin with!' but I fear this is rather too dependant on a particular situation to be quoted in the annals of history, unless society ends up with a really really unexpected sort of history.

Here's a somewhat desperate drabble instead. X-men movieverse, sort-of based on the drabble challenge: Someone is temporarily deprived of one or more of their senses.

Touch of Silk )
Well, I got all ready to go to bed, and then it got something stuck in my head. Damnit.

Sigh. Who needs more than four hours of sleep each night? Apparently, not me.

This is probably your fault, [ profile] trismegistus. I'll think of a reason why later.

So I wrote something, which is an x-men fic. )

Um, yeah. 2am fic, so I expect lots of complaints.


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