And then I tried to do a prompt meme on tumblr, where they always look kind of floppy and out of their natural place...

for [personal profile] angel_gidget:BRAINIAC 5: 5 loves )

for [ profile] inkstrangle: JOHN EGBERT: 5 loves, 4 lies, 2 shoes )

(The shoes aren't part of the meme, they were just what I made myself for my birthday.)

(They also glow in the dark, just to be sure you *know* I am a properly mature grown-up.)
This was written for [personal profile] caiusmajor in the song-prompt meme. She gave me Suzanne Vega's Blood Makes Noise. (YouTube link.)

Title: The Details and the Facts
Fandom: Legion of Super-heroes (Reboot era)
Characters: Lyle Norg, Brainiac 5
Summary: Intraspecies friends are just so much less interesting.

Read more... )
Way back when the new Legion of Super-Heroes comic was fresh and exciting, I started writing something that looked to have the heft of an actual plot to it. And then the next day, an issue came out and Jossed (Waided?) me royally.

However, I stumbled on the first bit on my forays through the wilds of my harddrive, and I think it's still pretty cool.

When he first met Brainiac 5, Lyle thought himself invisible. )
You can chart probable exam periods by my LJ output, I'm beginning to suspect.

Anyway. Instead of putting up the Dear Santa letter as given by the... Dear Santa letter generator, I picked a character at completely random and wrote fic based on it instead.

(Q: ...So. The completely random character you picked. It wouldn't happen to be Kara, would it?
A: Why, yes, actually. However did you guess!)

I want a pony! )
Okay! In a tragic turn of events, I am running out of both beer and enough brain-cells to do the work I'm supposed to be doing. (Are these things related? All signs point to maybe.)

So! Dance for my amusement, little monkeys! Dance! Dance!

Well, that's not working. People in the Pacific Time Zone get the short end of the online crack-game, it is very much the truth.

Anyway, since I'm done with the last round of prompts, I'll do this again. Never mind the timing.

Give me a DCU character and a prompt and I'll write you *exactly* a line of fic. Give me two DCU characters, and I'll write you *exactly* a line of porn. (Although the management reserves the right to go 'ahahaha, no' for whatever reason.)

*grins at the remaining, wakeful type people in an entirely non-scary manner involving hardly any teeth at all*
A few days ago, [ profile] __marcelo was wishing for a crossover between The Legion of Superheroes and... wait for it... the Cable & Deadpool intro pages.

Today I woke up and, for reasons known only to the deep recesses of my brain where I never go without a spork, thought "Yeah, why not?"


The Story So Far. ) 
odditycollector: Galaxy with "It's All Temporary" written above it. (Temporary)
( Oct. 27th, 2005 09:51 am)
I've stolen a page block of html out of [ profile] brown_betty's book, and offered to write fic snippets.

So far it's just two, both for [ profile] vagabond_sal (because of a fairly boring story, the summary of which is that livejournal doesn't think I *need* comment notifications anyway.)

Connor and Kyle. )

Bruce and Diana )

for [ profile] caia_comica: Brainy and Kara. )

for [ profile] brown_betty: Kon and Power Girl )

for [ profile] daegaer: Ligur and Hastur )

If you want one too, leave me the names of two characters and I will write them having a shower together!


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