And then I tried to do a prompt meme on tumblr, where they always look kind of floppy and out of their natural place...

for [personal profile] angel_gidget:BRAINIAC 5: 5 loves )

for [ profile] inkstrangle: JOHN EGBERT: 5 loves, 4 lies, 2 shoes )

(The shoes aren't part of the meme, they were just what I made myself for my birthday.)

(They also glow in the dark, just to be sure you *know* I am a properly mature grown-up.)
This was written for [personal profile] caiusmajor in the song-prompt meme. She gave me Suzanne Vega's Blood Makes Noise. (YouTube link.)

Title: The Details and the Facts
Fandom: Legion of Super-heroes (Reboot era)
Characters: Lyle Norg, Brainiac 5
Summary: Intraspecies friends are just so much less interesting.

Read more... )
Way back when the new Legion of Super-Heroes comic was fresh and exciting, I started writing something that looked to have the heft of an actual plot to it. And then the next day, an issue came out and Jossed (Waided?) me royally.

However, I stumbled on the first bit on my forays through the wilds of my harddrive, and I think it's still pretty cool.

When he first met Brainiac 5, Lyle thought himself invisible. )
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( Apr. 30th, 2006 08:05 pm)
A ficlet for [ profile] caia_comica, on the occasion of her finishing her thesis!!!! (An occasion well deserving of extra exclamation points, clearly!!)

Brainy/Kara, beta'd by [ profile] greenygal, and really not creepy at all.

five moments that could almost make you believe in a happily ever after )
A few days ago, [ profile] __marcelo was wishing for a crossover between The Legion of Superheroes and... wait for it... the Cable & Deadpool intro pages.

Today I woke up and, for reasons known only to the deep recesses of my brain where I never go without a spork, thought "Yeah, why not?"


The Story So Far. ) 
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( Oct. 27th, 2005 09:51 am)
I've stolen a page block of html out of [ profile] brown_betty's book, and offered to write fic snippets.

So far it's just two, both for [ profile] vagabond_sal (because of a fairly boring story, the summary of which is that livejournal doesn't think I *need* comment notifications anyway.)

Connor and Kyle. )

Bruce and Diana )

for [ profile] caia_comica: Brainy and Kara. )

for [ profile] brown_betty: Kon and Power Girl )

for [ profile] daegaer: Ligur and Hastur )

If you want one too, leave me the names of two characters and I will write them having a shower together!


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