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( Jan. 1st, 2011 12:32 am)
This year I wrote a ReBoot story for my official assignment:

Title: Beyond the Parameters
AndrAIa has learned a trick that would amaze even her coders if they knew. She's learned to be *creative*.

It's been a long time since I played with ReBoot, so it was fun to come back. Even if I ended up with something more introspective than utterly silly, which is the way I usually go for the fandom. (There are still bits which crack me up, because what other fandom will let me throw around phrases like "initialized to zero" with the intent for a payoff in emotions rather than coding practices.)

Then for Yuletide Madness I made 16 haiku for 16 fandoms. You can see them all here.

Some are more associative than others, a couple are meant to be funny, a surprising number of them feature queer women - even the G rated ones. (Yep, I wrote an explicit femslash haiku.) This last point is probably to do with the fact I wrote three times as many ladies as mens, and that is including among them the genderqueer computer program.

I'm also little disappointed with myself, because looking over the characters I wrote poems for, the only CoC are Deeba Resham, of Un Lun Dun, and (I like to think) Carmen Sandiego. I know what happened. I was doing these in a rush - scanning hastily over the prompts for any that caught my eye - and didn't bother either planning ahead or paying attention to previous output. If I do this again I will have to remember that paying attention is important, because there is no way I can blame this level of exhibited bias on the prompts themselves.
Yes, my favourite is Alan Moore's. (If we're not counting my icon.) But they're quite versatile, aren't they....

Romance: "I never promised." "I believed anyway."
Porn: Sorry. There are too many cocks!
Thriller: Secrets destroyed -- shredded paper and brains.
Genre: The spaceships landed. We all ran.
Comedy: Is there really a toenail fairy?
Coming of age: I turned my parental tracer off.
Horror: They said silver would work. Bastards.

I can do fanfic as well...

Charles/Erik:* He felt safe underneath the helmet. Charles let him.
Moon/Zao:* The diamonds are sharp and cold, like your touch.

Origin stories are always necessary, right?

Clark: No one else could taste sunlight.
Bruce: They died more slowly in nightmares.
Diana: Just don't ask what Hippolyta traded.
Dick Grayson: Green. Red. Green. Red. Red. Red.
Dexter: Magnificent moon, magnified in Harry's knife

*(Actually a 9 word story. Oops.)

This format amuses me, obviously. The six word story only works because the person reading is capable of filling in all the blanks, of creating a story themselves around the mere suggestion the author provides.

Want one? Give me a character and get 6 words, give me a pairing and get between 6 and 12.
Once upon a time, I promised [livejournal.com profile] petronelle a drabble of Bob's backstory. This turned out to be harder than anticipated because, although I had spent a fair amount of time back in the fandom working that out, none of it fit nicely into drabble form.

So, instead, here's a old story – something I wrote a few years ago but never posted. It takes place fairly early in the series, so maybe it even counts as backstory, at that.

The Battle For Peas )
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( Jan. 2nd, 2000 12:00 am)
The pants game! You stick the word pants in as many sentences as possible in the hope that some of them will turn out funny!

Reboot 1x01 - The Tearing )
Karen was bored. There was some biology involved in achieving this state, and it occurred to her that if one can do test crosses of Drosophila to see what sort of things shouldn’t exist, the same principle might be applied to other things.

So, in the spirit of scientific inquiry, I present to you:

Crossovers that Should Not Be….

Trial 1 - Star Trek, South Park, Real World Politics, The Matrix, Buffy )


Well, this presents some interesting data.

*Karen prepares next trial*


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