This was written for [personal profile] caiusmajor in the song-prompt meme. She gave me Suzanne Vega's Blood Makes Noise. (YouTube link.)

Title: The Details and the Facts
Fandom: Legion of Super-heroes (Reboot era)
Characters: Lyle Norg, Brainiac 5
Summary: Intraspecies friends are just so much less interesting.

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Way back when the new Legion of Super-Heroes comic was fresh and exciting, I started writing something that looked to have the heft of an actual plot to it. And then the next day, an issue came out and Jossed (Waided?) me royally.

However, I stumbled on the first bit on my forays through the wilds of my harddrive, and I think it's still pretty cool.

When he first met Brainiac 5, Lyle thought himself invisible. )


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