Via 4thletter!, a quote from a DC Comics panel touching briefly on the recent tendency to fridge CoC to make more room for the white dudes. Ian Sattler helpfully corrects the error in such thinking:

"We don’t see it that way and strive very hard to have a diverse DCU. I mean, we have green, pink, and blue characters."

What. Wot.

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Thank God Sattler's on hand to look out for the blue people. Who have experienced so much oppression.

And the Great Ten, too, seriously, what the shit this is what he pulls out in his defence?
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What's the Twain quote? "Of course truth is stranger than fiction. After all, fiction has to make sense." Something like that.
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It's just so.


LOOK, I FUCKING PICKED THIS SHIT OUT OF WIKIPEDIA: “Mother of Champions, Real name Niang Guan Jun,[22] is a woman who can birth a litter of twenty-five genetically identical super-soldiers about every three days.”

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I. I don't even.

*shoves a copy of Green Lantern/Green Arrow in his face* SEE. EVEN HAL USED TO KNOW BETTER.
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My favorite thing about Hal used to be that both he and his writers knew that there were Issues There in terms of him being the Great White Lantern. The current level of nostalgic CLUELESSNESS is deeply, deeply depressing.

I actually do believe that it's a case of deeply, deeply not thinking shit through in most cases, rather than actually and consciously thinking, "You know what we need? MORE WHITE PEOPLE!" But GUYS. THINK THINGS THROUGH. AT LEAST WHEN PEOPLE ARE POINTING THEM OUT TO YOU.
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Jesus fuck, DC, last time someone said, “Hey, we care about the green people,” JOHN FUCKING STEWART was the one who pointed out that actually there are BROWN people on EARTH.
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But they don't have to do that! Because that's not how they perceived it, so obviously there can't actually be any problem there, right? It's so clearly not a problem that they don't have to defend themselves, they can just make a joke about having green people!
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It's very easy to be polite when you DON'T EXIST.
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Oh, DC. My head is all desky now.
Every time I read about shenanigans like this, I remember the time Paul Levitz was at the Gays in Comics panel at ComicCon and spoke so excitedly about the diversity within the company. He sounded sort of like they were collecting Pokemon. "We have an Albanian!" he said, with what I can only describe as delight, while everyone else on the panel tried desperately not to facepalm. I'm 99% sure he used the "green skin" metaphor, too. Or no- I think it was pink hair. Maybe both! Cluelessness, from the top down!
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"It's okay we're getting rid of the actual characters of color because we're keeping the metaphorical ones!"

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I am just glad they still have room in their universe for the pink skinned characters! Man, I was *worried* there.

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That's the sound of the point sailing clear over his head, pinging off into the distance... But yeah, I always love (read: loathe) how characters of fake!color, of no particular analog to real life PoC, are inevitably still treated better than characters of color whose ethnicities actually exist in real life -_-

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Maybe you should take a lesson from those blue people - *they* never complain when writers portray them as stereotypes, or misspell the name of their ethnic group, or carelessly colour them wrong, or kill however many they feel like!

(Or. No.)

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I really should, it's just so bizarre, it's like these model PoC don't exist in reality or something... Like they're alien beings.

Only I guess that shouldn't stop me, a real-life person of color, from being likened to them. Suddenly I feel like I need to reevaluate my life! :O THANK YOU, Mister Sattler!

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He is glad to help! And after all, what does diversity mean if not being open to appreciating the stories of people who are different than you!

F'ex, white people? We have some *awesome* stories you might like if you just gave them a chance! AND DC COMICS IS WILLING TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU! :D

From: [identity profile]

And really, it's not like I can go anywhere in my country, in any movie theater or TV station or pick up just any comic book and find stories of said white people or anything! I daresay it'll be an exercise in experiencing the rarely told stories of the underdog! DC, such a pioneer :D

(Oh DCU, I still love ya, but very much in spite of so many things...)

Incidentally, I like how the spokesman used his dismissive Invoking Strangely Colored People tactic as a segue to wave off any of the icky shrill feminists in the audience/readerbase as well. "So this one thing you guys complain about? Nope. Just no. Also this other thing, that's a no too. You're wrong."

From: [identity profile]

a segue to wave off any of the icky shrill feminists in the audience/readerbase as well.
Yeah... I'm still not sure how to read that. Is it "And as analogy, our comics are full of gender! Just for instance, look at all the men! Thus the feminists who complain about lack of gender inclusion are *dumb*!"

Or is it "You know who else whines about stuff? FEMINISTS. You people complaining about the CoC situation don't want to be like FEMINISTS, do you?"

From: [identity profile]

And really, either way, his last set of comments is full of The Dumb. ..not like those that proceeded it weren't either, but y'know.

(Wow, FEMINISTS must be like the absolute bottom of the barrel as far as People Who Voice Concerns to DC Comics. Probably because those silly feminazis just haven't realized that they have nothing to complain about because really, WOMEN are the ones with the real power in the world, which is because now they get to choose when and who they have sex with and god I'm so grossed out that that's an actual opinion. An actual opinion from a guy in a Women's Studies class.)

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I'm sorry, but I can't hear him over the sound of me smashing my forehead against the wall.

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Is this like how Star Wars avoids the issue because the Rebels/Good Guys are totally pro-interspecies hijinx and the Imperials/Bad Guys keep trying to kill the other species, and therefore it doesn't matter that Lando is the only Black guy still alive in canon? (As I recall - and my personal canon stops with the end of the Young Jedi Knights books. There's nothing after that, hear me?)

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It is dangerous to have more than one black guy in space, because if they ever come into contact, it sets off a reaction similar to an antimatter explosion. That's why if anyone *does* wind up with a surplus somehow (poor planning?) they make sure to kill them off as fast as possible. In fact, it's good policy to do that even if you only have the one, just to be safe.


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Do we have to show them this ( again?

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I was in the panel - it was even worse than it was reported. Sattler is... he makes Didio look good.

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Oy. I am undecided whether I find that hard or way too easy to believe. *sigh*

You said that you don't want to talk about it, which I understand (it is headachey), but can I ask if you mean there were other, different fails in it, or that this fail was larger than's been reported?

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I am just so frustrated with them. I love their characters SO MUCH but the comics are just... yeah. And the attitude of editorial doesn't help at all, or the creators. Sattler just came off as really dismissive, and every time someone brought up a serious issue he would go about how he couldn't believe it took a whole 37 minutes for someone to ask that question. He blew off my question (about why the sales of Wonder Woman DVD were affecting the chances of a Batgirl Year One movie based on the Bruce Timm interview) and then later referred to it as snarky, and he just was really dismissive and defensive and just kinda an asshole.

[ profile] nevermore999 (she asked the question about race) did a writeup of the DC Nation panel and the Sunday conversations panel I skipped because I'd dealt with enough rage for one convention, but both panels are very telling. Also, rage inducing and potentially triggery.

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I read [ profile] nevermore999's post and am even more full of WHAT than before. You know the answer to those uppity womens and their "talking" about social "justice"? Threats of violence.

I am doomed to love DC's characters *forever*, but I've been shedding books for years. And even in the few I do pick up there are bits I have to skip over because they pain me.
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I've loved DC's characters for YEARS but they keep making it hard to support them. My pull list dropped from reading pretty much the whole line to... Batgirl, Tiny Titans, and Birds of Prey.
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Hey, you know who else he could have cited in defence of DC's diversitastic line-up? Egg-fu! Gosh, he missed a chance.

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Why must you treat this as a big yoke, always cracking wise? It's like your brain is fried. Why should they have to scramble to appease eggstraneous members of their audience?
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…are you fucking with me?

*looks it up in wikipedia*

*goes to drown herself in despair*

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I don't follow much outside of...uhh...vaguely knowing what's happening in Bat-books, but aren't the Great Ten incredibly racist? I'm not going to give Mother of Champions a pass just because she's not Honorable 1940's Oriental With Broken Speech and "Comical" Buck Teeth.

We get the same thing about how we treat our female characters.

And once again DC reminds me of their "Look, we gave you female characters, so quit whining and get back in the kitchen" policy.

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aren't the Great Ten incredibly racist
I know very little about them, but everything I *do* hear makes me think omg ew. so. Signs point to yes. :/


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