So, I *did* end up meeting my third father today. We got together for dim sum, and he turned out to be pretty cool, actually - I'm glad I didn't chicken out and cancel.

And I finally know where I got my nose (which is I think the sort of thing I'm supposed to say in this situation).

He works for the movie industry right now, as a consultant, if you can believe that. I couldn't, and he laughed a little at whatever expression must have been on my face after he told me. He assured me he had nothing to do with the craziness in the newspapers a few weeks ago, though, and I think I'm going to believe him. He didn't seem like the sort of person capable of 'renegotiating actor contracts,' if you don't mind the euphemism.

He said he was surprised to hear from me, but I don't think it bothered him very much. And he seemed genuinely interested in my life.

I haven't told him about the Dinosaur thing yet. It's not that I'm ashamed - I got over that in grade three - but it can still be kind of shocking, and I think I'd like him to get to know *me* first, you know?

Anyway, we're meeting again next week for dinner, and this time I'm actively looking forward to it. I don't know why so few people ever track down their secondary parents. It's not that I'm learning more about myself by looking at my past, or some nonsense adage like that, but I am meeting a bunch of new people who are going to feel obligated to get me birthday presents.

Oh, and before I forget, it's rabbithole day today.

From: [identity profile]

whoa.. I've obviously missed a lot since I've been away, I'm going to have to read your journal back to like.. the beginning of december.

And you can have a sitcom, my three dads.. *rimshot*. Yeah, bad jokes are still my specialty.

And hey, birthday presents rock. I'd give you one, but I'm pretty sure we're not related... atleast, I think we're not related. But I mean, hey I can still get you one.

From: [identity profile]

Absolutely. Everyone should get me a birthday present. *nods*

[But you should click on the rabbithole link ( Unless you already did, and are playing along, in which case you win!]

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Nah, that was me earlier, after one of the people on my flist got abducted by aliens. 'S cool.

Write one!

From: [identity profile]

Heh. I'm glad people put reminders at the end - I liked this, it sounded so real, just with slight oddities. Cool:)

Will we ever find out just what the dinosaur thing is?

From: [identity profile]

Thanks, it was *fun*. (You should do one.)

Will we ever find out just what the dinosaur thing is?
Um, perhaps. I haven't actually made something up yet...

From: [identity profile]

*grins* Nice. You know, I think my favorite ones from this are the ones that do matter-of-fact, normal-sounding average entries, except for the odd content of them. It... increases the surreal or something.

From: [identity profile]

(Sorry for the late reply. I just got this now for some reason.)

Those were my favourite too, because they make more WTF moments. Like, the OMG something crazy is happening to me!!!11! posts still could work into your view of the person, because it would be a new thing. But the matter-of-fact, this is the way the world has always worked posts are the ones that made me do doubletakes.

That was a fun day.


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